How To Improve Eyesight – Book Review

No … we’re not talking carrots here, folks!  (When my oldest son saw the title of this book he said, “Carrots, right?”  Ha Ha!

But seriously, have you ever thought that there might be a different approach to glasses in dealing with a child’s eyesight problems?

Never in my life had it even entered my mind that putting on glasses or putting in contacts was only treating the symptom and not the problem!

The longer I walk down a natural path to healing, the more amazed I am at the incorrect thinking that I still hold on to!

I was recently at the library and found this book by Janet Goodrich about helping children regain their eyesight naturally.  We discovered that my six-year-old daughter is having trouble seeing far away.  A friend mentioned that glasses will just make things worse because they make the eyes lazy.  It made sense and I wanted to know more!

In her introduction to the book, Dr. Goodrich starts out with stories of frustrated parents trying to get their children help for their eyesight and then delves right in to her personal story.  It sounded like a typical story of a little girl who needs glasses … typical until she said that at age 27, after wearing glasses for twenty years, she got rid of her glasses and passed all vision tests without any visual aids!!

WOW!  I was hooked and wanted to know more!

The book is divided into four parts:

  1. A Fresh View of Children’s Vision
  2. Keen Eyesight for Every Child
  3. Specific Programs for Specific Problems
  4. Home and School Environments

In Part 1, Dr. Goodrich briefly touches on a history of treating eye problems and talks about those from whom she learned this natural method of healing the eyes.  It is so interesting to me that so many “natural thinkers” were prosecuted, bullied, and abused by the medical community as they tried to scare them into abandoning their theories and hypothesis for more conventional ways of doing things!  The same is true in the field of human optics!

She then gets into the science of the eyes and all the components of why the eyes are experiencing symptoms – from the optical industry to parents to the child himself.

By Part 2, she is already introducing us to some natural ways to improve our children’s vision with reflex points and muscle massage.  These are loving ways to help your children while holding them and touching them – a parent’s favorite thing to do anyway!!  The interaction time with your child as you sun together, play games together, talk about feelings and so much more are so much fun, it’s amazing to think that you also get the added benefit of strengthening their eyes.

Adults can use this book for healing their own eyes as well, but the games and songs were developed for children to use in a fun, interactive way while improving their vision.

Part 3 is where we start to talk about specific problems that your child might be displaying.  She talks about the how’s and the why’s in relation to each symptom and issues natural methods to help cure the eyes.

And, Part 4, addresses the child’s environment, both at home and at school.  For my kids, they are one in the same and so the issues that are brought up hit me with a double whammy.  It made me really think again about the way some things are done in our home environment.

Would you be surprised to know that sugar, and the extreme intake of the substance, is linked to sore eyes?  I was not and it was a good reminder for me!!

This book is chock full of useful pieces of information to begin helping and improving your children’s eyesight immediately.  But, on top of that, there is also a website that has many more resources! Unfortunately, in 1999, Dr. Goodrich passed on but she left her legacy and her work to her daughter to carry on.  From videos to newsletters to audio lessons, Carina has put together a ton of resources that support the book and support those seeking to improve their eyesight.

The website, entitled Natural Vision Improvement – The Janet Goodrich Method, will have you well on your way to better eye health.

If you would like to purchase this book and support HomeGrownMommy at the same time, please click on the photo of the book above.  You will be directed to where you can find the book, new, for under $15 which is 30% off the list price!  You can also find it used for $5 or less.

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1 Liane October 30, 2011 at 1:12 am

I’m so glad you posted this, as I’ve been concerned for a while now that my 3 year old is on a path to having poor eyesight. As a mother, I need to ‘be’ his eyes and ears, and put him on the right path to ensure his health. Sadly I’ve been letting the electronic baby sitter do too much of the child minding. Now that will all change, and you’ve given me some great ideas. Thanks for your informative letter.

2 Denise January 17, 2012 at 10:13 am

I read through Janet Goodrich’s book and it has plenting of great info. I’m not a mother, but read everything I can get my hands on about improving vision naturally. If you’re concerned with your child’s eye care, this is a great resource.

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