Breech Baby Turning Techniques – Chiropractic Treatments

After finding out that my baby was in the frank breech position at 30 weeks, I began to gather much research as to how I would be able to get this baby to turn.  One of the methods I came across was having a chiropractor perform the Webster technique.

Here is a quote I found to describe this technique – “The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis to determine sacral misalignment and includes the application of a chiropractic adjustment which reduces interference to the nervous system, balances pelvic muscles and ligaments, alleviates torsion to the mother’s uterus allowing for optimal baby positioning.  (I didn’t know what the sacrum was, so I looked it up.   The sacrum is a large, triangular bone at the base of the spine and at the upper and back part of the pelvic cavity, where it is inserted like a wedge between the two hip bones.)

Immediately after learning about this technique, I set out to find a trained chriopractor.  First, I checked with my insurance and the visits were covered under my plan!  Hurray!  Then, I started calling around.  The three questions I asked were:

  • Are you trained in the Webster technique?
  • What is your success rate in using this technique?
  • How many years have you been using this technique?

While driving home from my midwife appointment, I saw the office of a chiropractor and called the number right away.  They answered all my questions satisfactorily and I made an appointment.

My chiropractor was very family-friendly and did not mind that I had to bring my three children along with me to the appointments.  As a general rule for all patients, she allows you to keep your regular clothes on instead of having to change into an exam gown!  That made me so much more comfortable!

She had me lay down on my side with my knees bent, checked for resistance on both legs and then did her adjustment.  There was never any pain involved and I was quite comfortable the whole time.  I have had chiropractic adjustments before, so I was not nervous.  I find that I feel much better after an adjustment so I usually like to go.

Make sure you keep every appointment your chiropractor makes for you.  If you skip even one, you may not experience the benefits you are looking for.  I went in three times a week for two or three weeks.  Also, do not ask or allow your chiropractor to make any other adjustments to your back or neck during your Webster treatments.

As I have said in all my articles about techniques for turning your breech baby – try not to worry too much.  You risk tighten up your muscles even more with too much stress and then you surely won’t reach your end goal – turning that baby to a head down position! 

Even if your baby doesn’t turn, you will be surprised at how everything turns out in the end.  As I went through this ordeal in my life, I just could not wait until it was all over and I was on the other side telling people the details.  If I had only known then how it would all turn out, I would certainly not have wasted so much time worrying!!

Another note I found in my research –  

  • The Webster Technique is not an acupressure technique.
  • Dr. Webster did not teach any moves to do with the iliac crest.
  • The exceptional results associated with the Webster Technique cannot be expected unless the technique is performed by a properly trained chiropractor.
  • It is best for a Chiropractor to see the technique being performed either at a seminar or on a teaching video.  The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (founded  by Dr. Larry Webster) puts on these seminars and offers the videos to DCs.
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